My name is Simon otherwise known as Cracked Ink, I’m an artist from the Uk, I’ve been painting for over 14 years, I studied graphic design at Uni, and quickly got involved with the right crowd. Painting and basically getting up to mischief, quickly became huge part of my everyday life. I like to think I have continued on this journey by continually pushing, evolving my style and trying to perfect the skills of painting and creating in many mediums, predominantly painting with aerosols. Myself and my work has evolved drastically in the 8 years I have lived in New Zealand. I have met many like-minded people who do what I do because we love it, this is my passion, and a big part of my life. My work is predominantly quirky, bold characters which portray an array of emotions, expressions and general attitude that I get from everyday observations.

Personal Deets

Born in Blackburn

34 years young

ASC crew

I love Tea

Love to paint  


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