Seawalls Cozumel - Mexico

Super stoked to show you My Latest Piece i finished up in Mexico Recently

"The Unsung Hero" by supporting ARTivist Si Omer (United Kingdom) for PangeaSeed Foundation Foundation's latest edition of our international public art program, @seawalls_ Artists for Oceans in partnership with Proyecto Panorama

Location: Cozumel, Mexico | 20.4230° N, 86.9223° W

.Mural theme: Mangrove Conservation

.Artist statement: “The mangroves off the coast off Cozumel provide invaluable stabilization of the sediment to help prevent erosion on the coastlines. They also serve as critical nursery habitat for many species of fish, mollusks, crustaceans. Beyond providing shelter for threatened and endangered species, my piece pays respect to the amazing contribution that the mangroves tirelessly make every day to protect the coastline of Mexico and its inhabitants.

.The main character represents the mangrove as a soft astute figure that stands strong for all walks of life, feeding, purifying and keeping its comrades safe and sound. My work highlights the importance of keeping these trees rather than harvesting them to make way for construction and development in places like Cozumel for hotels and bars. The preservation of mangroves is imperative for our oceans and coastlines in Cozumel and across the globe."

.PC: Tre Packard

.Gracias to México Bien Hecho for sponsoring all of our acrylic paint and materials for Sea Walls Cozumel.

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Final Shots Seawallls Maui


Here's some finals shots from my recent wall in Hawaii - have a read below :)

“You Are What You Eat” by supporting ARTivist Cracked Ink (New Zealand) for PangeaSeed Foundation latest edition of our international public art program, @seawalls_ Artists for oceans.

.Location: Wailuku, Maui | Mauka to Makai

.My piece depicts a world that has left behind nothing but trash, if we don’t change the Way we consume, it’s going to have a devastating effect on our sea life. Over the last few years whales have been found to have massive amounts of plastic bags, wrappers fishing hooks, bottles and nets found in their stomachs.

.Plastic pollution is a growing threat to whales and dolphins as well as seabirds and other marine creatures. Fifty-six percent of all whale and dolphin species, from small fish-eating dolphins to the largest filter feeding whales, have been recorded eating marine plastics they’ve mistaken for food.

.The phrase “You Are What You Eat” means that it is important to eat good food in order to be healthy and fit, well if we continue polluting our oceans at the rate we are, the life that calls the oceans home will no longer exist.”

Pic Credits Tre Packard


Thank you to our project partners, County of Maui@smalltownbigart @lushcosmetics @fromthebowseat Patagonia Pacific Whale Foundation @hpbaldwinhs Volcom Skateboarding Montana Cans (official) BehrPaint @coral_org Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, @start_streetartoronto, the Johnson Ohana Foundation, and more.


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Seawalls Gisborne

Here's my final price for seawalls in Gisborne - "End of the Century" by supporting ARTivist @crackedink (England) for @pangeaseed Foundation latest edition of our international public art movement, @seawalls_ Artists for Oceans.
Location: Gisborne, New Zealand
Artist statement: "One fifth of the world population could be displaced by rising sea levels by the end of the century. The reality is we are going to have more people fighting for space on a smaller landmass if we do not act on climate change now.
If we do not educate individuals and communities to change consumption habits, the results are going to be catastrophic.
My mural is an image that is very simple to translate. The two main characters and the city under water watch massive balloons of CO2 being released into the atmosphere to represent the greenhouse gas emissions from industry and transpiration."
Special thanks to project partners Eastland Community Trust, JN Williams memorial trust, @gisbornedc, @resenecolour, Tairawhiti Environment Centre, Walter Findlay LTD, and to our sponsors @gordonharrisartsupplies, @fareast_coffeelover, @frankandalbie, @skinniessungel, @picspeanutbutter, Martins Hiremaster, Hirepool Gisborne and Evolution Wireless.
PC: @abovebelowphoto
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Seawalls Bali 2018

I fly out to Bali On the 4th September for another Seawalls , gona be Epic - stay tuned for some updates -


The PangeaSeed Foundation family, in collaboration with the good people of TropicaFestival, are pleased to announce, “Protect What You Love • Protect Your Island”, the latest edition of our international public art movement, Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans, and our first public art activation in Bali, Indonesia September 10-17, 2018.Over a year in the planning, “Protect What You Love • Protect Your Island”, will feature the work of 15 international/regional artists and concerned creatives, all coming together to paint for a purpose and give Bali’s oceans a voice via art and activism (ARTivism).

Follow PangeaSeed Foundation, Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans and TropicaFestival for festival updates as we bring the oceans into the streets of the heart of Southeast Asia.

Please visit to learn how you can help save our oceans.

Artwork and design by project partners Volcom Indonesia and supporting ARTivist Eric Vozzola (USA)#pangeaseed #seawalls #tropicafestival #seawallsbali #artivism #paintforapurpose #protectwhatyoulove #protectyourisland #streetart #oceansmatter #bali #indonesia #balistreetart #nusapenida