Berrymans Lane - Palmerston north

Just Got back from a very short but sweet trip to Palmy to be apart of the Berrymans Laneway Project, Big thanks to Keegan Thane for the invite, was an excellent couple days, onwards to Canada for Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans on Wednesday for 2 weeks then onto the Uk for Blackburn Open Walls , busy 5 weeks ahead , if you want to keep up to date with my story on instagram then head over -, heres my wall form the weekend, much love and thanks for all the support :)

Seawalls 2017 - Napier

Here my Final Shots from PangeaSeed Foundation Seawalls 2017 in Napier Recently.My theme for seawalls is revolving around ocean health. As humans , it's imperative that we stop polluting and over-fishing the oceans. We need to sustain the health of the ocean so that we that we can sustainabley use the resources that need to be respected and protected before it's too late. Enjoy :)

Cracked Ink x Northern Monkey Toys Collab

Hey Peops , a very happy new years to you all , im back i the Studio working on a bunch of new works, these collabs with Northern Monkey Toys at the mo, i've got 3 originals to paint , these are the first Cracked Ink clay characters produced, a little history in the making, with Glen Colechin the talented man at Nothern monkey,at some stage we will be producing some small vinyl collectabes, here's a little timelapse WIP of the painting process,still quite abit to do on this one, These will be for sale , but you better dig deep if your interested PM me