Mid-week Paper

A little Write up in the Mid week paper in Whanganui, generally quite informative, with a few mistakes, one major was saying that i've recently been in Napier to paint a large Mural For 'Sea World' , now lets just clear that one up , it was "sea Walls' you wouldn't ever catch me painting a wall for Sea world ha ha. And secondly, a little misinterpretation saying that i found 'my style was being copied', what i did say was, over the years, there's been a lot of people jumping on this kinda Doodle style that i and many others do,and a lot of youngsters are just recreating the same style so i feel it was time to change it up and head in a different direction,aside from this thanks to the local rag for the promo , just thought i'd clear them bits up smile emoticon, as you can see theirs the lovely Sarah Williams in the photo who runs and owns Space gallery and has done a great job of running the show, head down to check it out you got till the 29th