Final Shots Seawallls Maui


Here's some finals shots from my recent wall in Hawaii - have a read below :)

“You Are What You Eat” by supporting ARTivist Cracked Ink (New Zealand) for PangeaSeed Foundation latest edition of our international public art program, @seawalls_ Artists for oceans.

.Location: Wailuku, Maui | Mauka to Makai

.My piece depicts a world that has left behind nothing but trash, if we don’t change the Way we consume, it’s going to have a devastating effect on our sea life. Over the last few years whales have been found to have massive amounts of plastic bags, wrappers fishing hooks, bottles and nets found in their stomachs.

.Plastic pollution is a growing threat to whales and dolphins as well as seabirds and other marine creatures. Fifty-six percent of all whale and dolphin species, from small fish-eating dolphins to the largest filter feeding whales, have been recorded eating marine plastics they’ve mistaken for food.

.The phrase “You Are What You Eat” means that it is important to eat good food in order to be healthy and fit, well if we continue polluting our oceans at the rate we are, the life that calls the oceans home will no longer exist.”

Pic Credits Tre Packard


Thank you to our project partners, County of Maui@smalltownbigart @lushcosmetics @fromthebowseat Patagonia Pacific Whale Foundation @hpbaldwinhs Volcom Skateboarding Montana Cans (official) BehrPaint @coral_org Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, @start_streetartoronto, the Johnson Ohana Foundation, and more.


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